Office Massage


Did you know …

The British economy is losing billions of Pounds a year due to work related stress, depression or anxiety

There are millions of working days lost due to these conditions

Massage offers decreased levels of physical and mental stress in the workplace

Stress is an unavoidable part of modern life, but when stress becomes too much to control, it can affect the body on all levels by increasing adrenalin, blood pressure, heart rate and the overall health of a person, resulting in fatigue, headaches, illness, discomfort and pain.

We can offer instant relief from this by bringing a moment of calm & relaxation to you and your staff in your workplace.

We offer Indian Head Massage / Back, Neck and Shoulder massage.

Indian Head Massage is a wonderfully relaxing and revitalising massage that involves the back, shoulders, neck, head and face. It boosts circulation, lymph drainage, removes tension and stress, eases painful and knotted muscles and helps you look and feel amazing.

Back, Neck and Shoulder massage is a Swedish based technique where the muscles are massaged, kneaded and manipulated to ease stress and tension from knotted and painful muscles which improves posture, frees up movement and gives a greater sense of well being.

These massages take place on a chair and no oils are used so you can remain fully clothed.  All you need to do is kick your shoes off and enjoy 🙂

Offering your hard working staff 10-15 minutes of  ‘Pamper’ time is an incredibly thoughtful way of showing them your appreciation for all of their hard work, especially during this extremely challenging time.  And it is known when staff feel appreciated and relaxed, their productivity and positivity increases which makes a happier workplace!

Treatment Vouchers for employee bonus/reward schemes are also available so please do not hesitate to contact us if this resonates with you.

Pricing starts at £55 per hour