Swedish Body Massage

Swedish Body Massage is a classic massage which entails a whole body massage with deep or light pressure, it is perfect for loosening up tight muscles, removing knots, boosting circulation and improving the lymphatic system.

60 min – £ 50

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage uses a blend of plant oils that work by entering your body via your olfactory system into the blood. The pressure is lighter than Swedish body massage, but the effects are powerful due to the oils working throughout your body. It is a wonderful treat for the body and senses and you may choose the aroma oils that hold specific properties to balance, calm and rejuvenate your body and mind.

60 min – £ 55

Reiki Massage

This healing massage is infused with Reiki energy and uses long sweeping strokes similar to Swedish Body Massage. While the massage works on boosting circulation, releasing tight muscles and aiding lymph drainage, the Reiki will work it’s magic and treat you on a deeper level going exactly where is needed most whether it is emotionally, mentally, physiologically and spiritually. This beautiful massage is a deeply relaxing and healing treatment that will bring you back to balance; calming the body and mind.

60 min – £ 55

Indian Head Massage

This massage stems from India where it was used by families as a bonding technique where they massaged each other after a hard day. It is wonderful for boosting the growth and condition of the hair, scalp and skin by boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage. This massage includes the back, shoulders, neck, head and face and is a truly beautiful treatment.

45 min – £ 45

Facial Rejuvenation Massage / Non Surgical Face Lift

Also referred to as a Non Surgical Face Lift Massage is a firm favourite and boasts a plumper and younger looking complexion. It helps free energy flow in the meridians and works on the reflexes of the face which correspond to the reflexes in the body. It boosts lymphatic drainage, blood flow, circulation and reduces wrinkles. It does not only include your face, but also the shoulders, neck, head and ears and you may choose a blend of nourishing organic oils that complement the needs of your skin.  As this massage includes the head and neck it assists with lymph drainage in these areas helping ease hay fever, sinus issues, migraines, congestion and fatigue.

30 min – £ 35 / 60 min – £ 55

Gua-Sha Facial Massage

Gua-to scrape, Sha- red.  This facial massage predates acupuncture with it’s roots in traditional Chinese medicine is said to awaken the meridian lines to activate the body’s natural healing abilities. The technique involves a long gentle scraping motion on the face, neck, head, shoulders and upper back with various Gua Sha tools of Jade and Rose Quartz which encourage strong cells and a decrease in inflammation. The benefits include natural healing, eased tension, boosted blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, the lifting/tightening of skin, the softening of wrinkles, a reduction in dark circles/bags under the eyes and a faster healing time of breakouts and non active rosacea. This treatment is so wonderfully relaxing and calming and just feels wonderful.

30 min – £ 35 / 60 min – £ 55

Foot Exfoliation & Leg Massage

This is a foot exfoliation with a file then a foot polish with my minty sugar scrub and finishing off with a deep foot and lower leg massage with a homemade organic melting mousse made of cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil.

30 min – £ 35

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is not only beneficial to the mum to be but also the baby and research indicates that the use of pregnancy massage just over 5 weeks leads to a shorter and better labour with fewer complications for the new-born such as a low birth weight or premature birth. Benefits to the mum are an improved circulation and distribution of essential nutrients to the vital organs of the body and placenta, the easing of muscular discomfort such as leg cramps, muscle stiffness, tension, lymphatic drainage – reducing oedema, boosting the ‘feel good’ hormones and mood and feelings of wellbeing, it helps stop varicose veins, keeps blood pressure balanced, reduces joint pain and sciatica and induces deep relaxation and peaceful sleep. You will be supported with pillows to ensure your utmost comfort and specific oils blended by myself are used to nourish the skin and help reduce stretch marks which makes this treatment luxurious and comforting to both the mum to be and baby.  It is advised that you get approval from your midwife or health care professional before booking this massage.

60 min – £ 60

Postnatal Massage (Postpartum)

Postnatal massage addresses the physical discomforts as well as the emotional state of the new mum. The body, mind and soul are natured and rejuvenated and this massage can be carried out immediately after the birth to help the body recover from the birth (if you have had a normal birth).  For C sections, it is not advised to have a massage until 6 weeks after the birth and it is best to get approval from a health care professional.  Specific oils are blended by myself to aid in the healing and nourishment of your skin which makes this a truly special treatment. Benefits of postnatal massage include helping the body to recover by working the lymphatic and circulation systems promoting healing, easing of lower back, neck and shoulder pain, supporting the scar healing process, increasing oxytocin and lifting the mood, supporting healthy lactation, restoring the uterus to it’s original state and providing emotional support at a time when the new mum needs it most.

60 min – £ 55

Massage for Menopause

Every woman will experience peri menopause/menopause uniquely and have varying symptoms that affect their everyday wellbeing and people around them.  This massage has many benefits which include relaxation, reduction in hot flushes, helping reduce anxiety, reducing joint pain, improving sleep, reconnecting to your femininity and having some time to yourself where you are taken care of and listened to.  The massage techniques include rebozo wrapping, rocking and slow nurturing massage strokes to enable your body and mind to calm. This massage is unique to the individual and is tailored to suit your symptoms and to meet your needs in this new chapter of your life.

60 min – £ 60